chili is an old favorite dish i like to make from time to time. its a very grounding dish and super tasty, especially when complimented with this deliciously simple coriander creme fraiche.

veggie chili

finely chop the onion garlic and fresh chili, fry in a largish pan with the cumin and rosemary. once these are smelling good, throw in your beans, and tinned tomatoes. add a good grind of sea salt and pepper to taste. cumin is the predominant flavour in this dish, so taste often (i cannot say this enough when cooking, taste taste taste! ) and add more cumin if you like. when you are happy with the basic flavour, chop and throw in the courgette and continue to cook for 10(ish) minutes. thats it, done!

-beans (your favorite combo, i like red kidney chick peas and corn)
-tinned tomatoes (add in a half a tin of water)

coriander creme fraiche

this one is super easy. finely chop some fresh washed coriander and mix into a tub of creme fraiche. a little squeeze of lime can be added if you like it more zingy.

-creme fraiche
-fresh coriander
-lime juice (optional)

*for the non-veggie alternative mince can be added to the onions and browned before adding beans.