i love the combination of contrasting flavours textures and temperatures, and in this dish you get to play with all three. you can make one big whopping pizza, but i like to make mini’s so everyone gets to enjoy their own sweet cheesy goodness. the inspiration for this pizza comes from a pizza house back home in nz, but i have substituted cream cheese for brie as thats what i had in the fridge… result is just as delicious!

put your base(s) in the oven for about 5 min to crisp up (if you skip this step you will most likely end up with a soggy base). spread a decent layer of spicy apricot sauce over the base, and pile on smoked chicken, pine nuts and brea. bake in the oven around 200 deg c until the cheese is melted, the apricot sauce is bubbling an the base edges are browning. once done dish up and top with fresh peppery rucola salad (to provide the texture) and a blob of sour cream or cream fraiche (to provide the contrast in temperature). et viola, enjoy!

pita bread or thin mexican wraps for the base
smoked chicken
pine nuts
cream fraiche

spicy apricot sauce
blend the two sauce ingredients to taste depending on how chili you like it

apricot jam
sweet chili sauce