i enjoyed the last mini pizzas so much (and truth be told i had some left over mini bases to use up) i decided to go for a mini version of an old favorite classic, the margarita.

put your base(s) in the oven for about 5 min to crisp up (if you skip this step you will most likely end up with a soggy base). slap on a layer of basil pesto (fresh is best of course but a good ready made does the job if time is short). i have a small infatuation with mini mozzarella at the moment, so i have teamed mini mozza balls with ripe organic cherry tomatoes (big time tip… never store your tomatoes in the fridge as it kills the flavour, you want to keep them at room temp and eat/use them when they smell amazing). finish with a good grind of sea salt and black pepper (to bring out the flavour of the tomato) and bake in the oven around 175 deg c until the tomatoes are bubbling and the mozza balls have melted. plate up and top with fresh peppery rucola salad. arrivederci!

pita bread or thin mexican wraps for the base
basil pesto
ripe cherry tomatoes
mini mozzarella balls
salt and pepper

blend the ingredients together in a small mixer

pine nuts
parmesan cheese
olive oil